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Tunisia is known to travellers for its majestic beaches, its intriguingly beautiful heritage sites, and the adventure-filled stretches of desert land. But expatriates have to take more than just a country's tourist spots when they relocate to that country. Aside from employment opportunities, one must consider the intricacies of healthcare.

Since declaring sovereignty from France in 1956, Tunisia’s healthcare system has come along way in terms of eradicating communicable diseases and taking care of the welfare of its people that resulted to a high life expectancy of about 74 years. The Tunisian government also made rigorous efforts in providing clean drinking water and improving the standard of the hospitals particularly those located in rural areas. Like most healthcare sectors abroad, the Tunisian health sector is also divided between the private and the public sector whereas the latter is under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Health. The public healthcare system is heavily funded by the contributions of tax payers and provides medical services to all Tunisians and eligible expats.

Healthcare Coverage for Expats

The national public health insurance in Tunisia is run by the Caisse Nationale d'Assurance Maladie (CNAM), a welfare scheme which membership into is mandatory for all people in the country. To be eligible for this national health insurance, one must have worked at least 50 days during the last two quarters or at least 80 days during the last four quarters. Employers based in Tunisia are required by law to register their employees with the Social Security Scheme within their first month of arrival in the company. Contributions to the national health insurance scheme are split between the workers and the company:

Contributions as of January 1st 2015:










Family Benefits



Occupational accidents & Diseases

Between 0.4 and 4%


Welfare workers (state special fund)




Between 16.97 and 20.57%


Keep in mind though the local social security is only applicable to employees of Tunisian companies that are operating within the country. Those that have been reassigned by offshore employers are advised to communicate with their company or to purchase private international health insurance that will provide them with a more comprehensive medical coverage.

A Flourishing Medical Tourism Sector

Medical tourism in Tunisia draws an average of 120,000 foreigners. Cosmetic surgery is one major draw in medical tourism. Other popular surgical procedures include cardiology, gynaecology and urology where prices are less than half the price in western countries. Moreover, Tunisia's Mediterranean climate is ideal for recuperation.

Tunisia is also a fast-growing alternative dental tourism destination as it meets quality international standards. Tunisia is favoured by French-speaking nationals as the majority of the dentists in Tunisia had French medical training.

Doctors and Hospitals in Tunisia

With the introduction of medical tourism in the country, doctors in Tunisia have gotten more training, and facilities of both public and private medical facilities are being improved. Most medical practitioners are affiliated with public hospitals or entities. Hospitals staff usually can converse in Arabic, French or English.

The first level of public healthcare in Tunisia can be acquired from an extensive network of primary healthcare centres. There are about 2067 of these health care facilities, which includes maternal and child health centres, dispensaries, and health posts and can be found throughout the country. Hospitals in Tunisia are also easily accessible to the public in need. There are about 118 district hospitals, mostly found in the main cities of rural areas. These hospitals provide primary healthcare, maternity care, as well as general inpatient and outpatient care. The top three hospitals in Tunisia are:

4, Mohamed Jemmeli Street, El Manar 2, 2092 Tunisia

Tel: :(+216) 71 888 000

17 Rue Abou Hanifa, Mutuelleville - 1082 - Tunis, Tunisia

Tel: (00216) 71 783 033

  • Clinique Neurologique de la Soukra

Tunis, Tunisia

Tel: +216 36 406 300


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