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Job offers may be limited for expats and even for Tunisian nationals. Add up the number of students who are highly qualified Tunisian graduates looking for jobs then you get a competitive job market.

However, the Tunisian government is taking measures to solve the unemployment problem with the president's five-year program for 2009-2014 in creating new job opportunities. 

Tunisian Job Market

With Tunisia's rapidly developing economy, employment opportunities are mainly found in manufacturing industries, healthcare, insurance, banking, real estate, and hospitality sectors.

Agriculture is one of the main pillars of the Tunisian economies, and it employs a large part of its workforce. One can also easily get a job in petrochemical and construction industries.

The government has created a goal to create 10,000 IT jobs per year. It is said that compared to Europe, the labor cost in Tunisia is less expensive, and IT graduates have a bigger chance of getting a job with local companies and offshore European companies.

Tunisia is home to multinational companies like Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, Microsoft, and Philips.

Minimum Wage

The Tunisian minimum wage differs depending on the sector. The industrial monthly minimum wage is set at approximately TND252.00 (or USD$194.00) for a 48-hour work week and 40 hour workweek is approximately TND218.00 (or USD$168.00). On the agricultural sector, the daily wage is at TND78.00 (or USD$6.00).

Working Conditions

For most sectors, there is a standard 48-hour workweek with one 24-hour rest period per week. Workdays are shorter during Ramadan. Overtime is paid 125% of the premium pay.


Income tax in Tunisia is at a progressive rate ranging from 0 to 35%. Residents of Tunisia are subject to Tunisian income tax on worldwide employment income.

The Tunisian standard corporate tax rate is at 30%. However, for petroleum, hydrocarbons, telecommunications companies' the rate is at 35% while agriculture and fishing companies are taxed at 10% rate.

Despite challenges, Tunisia remains an opportunity not to be missed by any expat. 


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