Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Tunisia

The benefits of travel insurance multi trip in Tunisia cannot be stressed enough. With this type of policy, anyone who visits the country many times over a year can save on policy renewal costs and still enjoy the same travel insurance coverage. Tunisia has seen a notable growth in its tourism sector, with Djerba, Monastir, Tabarka and the capital city, Tunis being among the most widely visited destinations in the country.


For no less than twenty years, Expats in Tunisia have always trusted International Medical Group for their multi-trip travel coverage needs. Thanks to its international subsidiaries, IMG provides various unique advantages, such as 24/7 medical management services and the establishment of service centers around the globe. The company has also defined the standards for combining internal and external services to ensure maximum service efficiency.

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Travel insurance is an absolute must, especially for individuals who travel abroad frequently. MultiNational Underwriters is a leading insurance company that caters to the needs of expatriates in Tunisia and worldwide. MNU offers Atlas Professional, which providing coverage for all trips made within a single year, at the cost of one policy. This allows the international community to save money on their insurance costs.

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