Single Trip Travel Insurance in Tunisia

Travel insurance single trip in Tunisia protects a traveler against trip-related costs, like loss of baggage, cancellation of flights, etc. The market for this type of insurance has grown remarkably, with the consistent growth of the country’s tourism sector. Some of the most visited Tunisian destinations include Djerba, Tabarka and the capital city, Tunis.


Whether a business trip or for vacation, travelers in Tunisia should always be ready for any unforeseen event that may come up. Some of these events may be medical or health issue. IMG makes sure that these issues are attended to and given commitments.

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People who have the higher risk for unforeseen events are travellers. It is important that one has travel insurance that could be used in times needed. MultiNational Underwriters in Tunisia offers Single Trip Insurance provides the best travel policy that takes care of temporary medical assistance or other travel issues.

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