Health Insurance in Abu Dhabi

Health insurance in Abu Dhabi is no longer a mere option for expats in this emirate. It is now required by law by virtue of the Health Insurance Law No. 23 of 2005 which has been recently imposed. Announcement regarding the strict implementation of the law was made by no less than the Health Authority Abu Dhabi or HAAD.

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Cigna Global Health Insurance is open for locals and expats in Abu Dhabi, who want a guaranteed comprehensive medical care service when they need it. Cigna Global is one of the biggest names in international health insurance today, providing their clients with the best plans that can be tailored to their preferences and lifestyle abroad.

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Aetna International Health Insurance provides benefits perfect for anyone living abroad, whether you’d be relocating with your family, or on your own. Consult an Aetna expert now to plan your stay abroad and learn more about their services such as:

- Annual maximum coverage to $2 million

- International Style Coverage

- Additional excess and coinsurance add-ons

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AXA PPP International Healthcare has a very reputable name when it comes to the field of international medical insurance. Their International Health Service can assure you that you will be treated with excellence in Abu Dhabi or anywhere else in the world. AXA PPP has a global reach unrivaled by any other international insurance in the market today. Find out more about AXA PPP's International Healthcare plans now!

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Clements Worldwide is promoting their objective of maintaining the importance of healthy body using their International Health Service. This service will help you gain the benefit of being well taken care of while living in Abu Dhabi. Affiliated hospitals can assist you in your needs. You will never be left behind because Clements will take charge of your medical expenses.

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