Choosing where to live in Dubai



Apartments and villas are popular types of housing with expats in Dubai. When looking for a place to rent, it may be worth checking supermarket ad boards in Spinneys and Abela and the classifieds of the local newspapers like the Gulf News. Most living accommodations in the city are high-rise condos and apartments, while suburbs with landed houses can be found on the outskirts of the city centre.


Bur Dubai

  • Bur Dubai is one of the best neighbourhoods regarding location. It is near the city centre, but still has a quiet atmosphere with areas that give you a glimpse of the city before it was developed into the commercial business city hub that it is today. It also has a more upscale housing area called BurJuman Centre where you can find high-end accommodations. Despite its reputation, you can find more reasonably priced accommodations in this area than any other areas in Dubai.


  • Jumeirah is one of the most popular areas for expats in Dubai. Jumeriah has several coastal area properties that vary from high-rise condos to landed houses, but they do tend to be a bit pricey, as this is still one of the premiere neighbourhoods in Dubai. Along the coast, you can find several shops, restaurants and bars that western expats frequent especially during the weekends.


  • This part of town is the more traditional and cultural area of Dubai. It is the oldest neighbourhood in the city, and it still has most of the cultural identity of old Dubai before the commercial revolution in the city. It is also the busiest neighbourhood in the city, as it has several schools, street markets, tourist spots, and it is also near the Dubai International Airport. If you are a frequent traveller who enjoys the convenience of having everything you need near your place of residence, this is the neighbourhood for you.

Sheikh Zayed 

  • Sheikh Zayed Road is also a coastal front area where you can find the business centre of Dubai with all its famous high-rise buildings, city landmarks, gigantic malls, and luxurious hotels. But while there are several things to rave about in this part of town, there are also charming little corners where you can find reasonably priced accommodations.