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Expatriates moving to United Arab Emirates often choose the option of corporate housing rental as a flexible solution and the best way to feel at home in United Arab Emirates rapidly when landing in town. For non-permenant lodging with lengths anywhere from three days to two weeks or more, renting serviced apartments is a good accommodation option. Furniture and provision of amenities also contribute to the rent in serviced apartments. Rent in different neighbourhoods of the city also differs greatly. Thus, it is prudent to prioritise your requirements carefully.

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ZiQoo Serviced Apartments, Dubai

ZiQoo Hotel Apartment Dubai offers a prime location for a home, with all of its conveniences and attractions. Found in the heart of Dubai, this serviced apartment is crafted perfectly for leisure and luxury. The fantastic services and amenities exhibit a world-class quality, appropriate for a hotel of this caliber.

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From AED 275.00 per night
Xclusive Serviced Apartments, Dubai

Xclusive Hotel Apartments offers a truly exclusive luxury experience found nowhere else on Earth. With its dazzling attractions, accommodations, and services, there is no better serviced apartment at this affordable price. Its superb location means it is easy to access all of Dubai's hotspots.

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From AED 349.00 per night
World Fashion Oaks Liwa Serviced Apartments, Dubai

The Jumeirah Lakes Towers can be found right in the center of modern Dubai, and is sweetly close enough to many of the city's most popular destinations. The accommodations are perfectly suited for the modern traveler and the services are highly satisfactory.

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From AED 425.00 per night
Winchester Grand Deluxe Serviced Apartments, Dubai

Winchester Hotel Apartments provides an excellent home in the heart of this very endearing city. With its numerous attractions and splendid accommodations, it is considered a world-class serviced apartment with few equals. The prime location of Winchester allows for quick and easy access to malls, markets, and other recreational locations.

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From AED 240.00 per night
Winchester Deluxe Serviced Apartments, Dubai

In the heart of Dubai lies the Winchester Deluxe Hotel Apartments. It is filled with tons of exciting accommodations, amenities and services to enhance the dynamic modern lifestyle. It has a very splendid location, only a few steps away from the business district and a short drive from the airport.

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From AED 275.00 per night
Villa Rotana Serviced Apartments, Dubai

The very idyllic Villa Rotana can be found right in the center of Dubai's most beautiful district, and is adorably close to tons of exciting attractions. With splendid, lush accommodations, filled with comfortable amenities, there is no better home in this oasis city than Villa Rotana. It is a paradise second to none.

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From AED 365.50 per night
Tulip Serviced Apartments, Dubai

The Tulip Hotel Apartments blooms with exciting luxury, making it the choice for an idyllic home in Dubai. Filled with an endless array of modern, dynamic amenities, the hotel is perfect for the hip and fresh traveler. The city's brightest locations and hotspots can be found just around the corner.

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From AED 300.00 per night
Topaz Living Courts Serviced Apartments, Dubai

Topaz Living Courts Apartments affords its guests with the ultimate convenience of living in a paradise city. With a staggering array of exciting options and services, Topaz Living Courts Apartments defines what it means to have an ideal Dubai home. The lush accommodations are perfectly suited for a very efficient, dynamic lifestyle.

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From AED 299.00 per night
The Place Serviced Apartments, Dubai

The Place Dubai exudes vibrant energy upon its inhabitants. Located in the heart of the magnificent oasis city, this fantastic serviced apartment has tons of exciting amenities and world-class accommodation. The apartment is suitably located near some of the city's finest attractions, making it convenient for the modern traveler.

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From AED 590.00 per night
The Baron Serviced Apartments, Dubai

Baron Hotel Apartments is a marvelous gem of a home, located in the heart of shimmering Dubai. The wonderful accommodations and splendid services will leave its guest breathless. There is a plethora of truly exciting accommodations around, like the Marina, the shopping district, and the restaurants.

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From AED 250.00 per night
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