Basics of Working in London



London is a professional hub with tonnes of opportunities in the financial sector and creative industry. Expats would have enough time to find the right job that fits their skills.

The city has been an expat hub for quite some time, and it normally attracts global business people and those who are aspiring to work for multinational companies. As of 2012, there has been a boom with the establishment of small and medium-sized companies. It should be noted that it can be quite hard for expats to find jobs in London due to the strict immigration rules in the UK. It would be best to get a job before moving to London.

Working Schedule

The normal working hours run from 9am to 5pm unless mandated differently by the company's policy. Based on the Working Time Directive, the average working hours per week is 48 hours. Despite the standard working hours, offices in London usually stay open, and workers stay to work overtime due to high job demands, especially in the financial industry.

Holidays and Days Off

New Year's Day

January 1

Good Friday

April 14

Easter Monday

April 17

Early May Bank Holiday

May 1

Spring Bank Holiday

May 29

Summer Bank Holiday

August 28

Christmas Day

December 25

Boxing Day

December 26