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Whether you are on holiday or on business, Serviced Apartments in the United Kingdom is an excellent cost savings choice. Especially when visiting the bigger cities such as London or Edinburgh, rent for serviced apartments can give you the price level and privacy and comfort to match that hotel do not provide.This page details the largest choice of serviced apartments when looking for Serviced Apartments in The United Kingdom. Serviced apartments choice offer a spacious, flexible and cost effective housing solution. For stays of a short period of time or a longer stay an Serviced Apartments in The United Kingdom is a good accommodation when traveling or settling in. A search for Serviced Apartments in The United Kingdom is often related to the search for flexible and furnished apartments.

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Cheval Calico House Serviced Apartments, London

Serving as a perfect getaway from the hustle of the city is the Cheval Calico House. It is a lovable home complete with all the basic necessities for a modern, luxurious lifestyle. The services superb, and the hotel's prime location affords a quick adventure into the heart of historic London.

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From GBP 220.00 per night
Mayflower Hotel Serviced Apartments, London

London's Mayflower hotel offers fresh and hip accommodations for affordable rates. Found in the heart of the city, all of London's attractions are easily reached within a few minutes. The best residential options are topped off with a plethora of fantastic services and amenities, making this the ideal modern home.

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From GBP 90.00 per night
Cheval Phoenix House Serviced Apartments, London

Cheval Phoenix House in Chelsea is full of magnificent wonders to be cherished. The magnificent views of the city and ease of access to London's finest venues are part of the apartment's charm. The services and amenities are highly desirable, offering a very welcome warmth and comfort for dynamic travelers.

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From GBP 220.00 per night
Fraser Place Chelsea Serviced Apartments, London

With 29 units to choose from, the Bolton Studios has proved to be one of London's sweetest residences. It has very clean and affordable suites, all of which are fully-furnished with the latest and most attractive amenities. Close by, are London’s best hotspots, all easily accessed from the Bolton Studios.

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From GBP 140.00 per night
Fraser Place Canary Wharf Serviced Apartments, London

Perfect for either long stays or short ones, the Fraser Place Canary is a gem of a home found in the heart of London. With is a dazzling array of attractions, amenities and services, there is no better modern residence. The hotel also has prime access to the city's impressive locations.

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From GBP 90.00 per night
Fraser Suites Kensington Serviced Apartments, London

Perfect for corporate meetings is the Fraser Suites Kensington, located in the center of modern London. Sharp styling with tons of fresh comfort allows for great business gatherings. Adding to its beauty is its fantastic location, making it close to the business district, the Royal Parks, and other modern attractions.

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From GBP 280.00 per night
Hyde Park Residence Serviced Apartments, London

Oozing with plenty of classical styles and modern luxury is the Hyde Park Residence. Located in the heart of London, this magnificent serviced apartment is home to a variety of dynamic accommodations, services and more. The prime location of Hyde Park Residence allows for quick access to London's best sights.

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From GBP 200.00 per night
Draycott Place Serviced Apartments, London

building with lots of character and history. The seamless fusion of classical design and modern comfort results in a perfect, idyllic home. Plenty of opportunities for excitement can be found just around Draycott’s.

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From GBP 180.00 per night
Sloane Avenue Serviced Apartments, London

Sloane Avenue Apartments has all of London's sweet charm and blends that with modern luxury living. The harmony of this cultural fusion enables Sloane to become a perfect home right in the heart of a very historic city. The lush accommodations and fantastic services are truly marvelous and without equal.

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From GBP 125.00 per night
Astons Serviced Apartments, London

London is a very rich city, full of history and distinct culture. Astons Apartments blends the distinct London classic style with modern luxury and comfort. The accommodations are superbly-rendered, fresh, cozy and clean. Ideally close to some of the city's attractions, Astons is a convenient portal to the London life.

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From GBP per night
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