Single Trip Travel Insurance in Uruguay

Travel insurance single trip in Uruguay serves as security for people travelling here at least once per year. The market for this type of policy is quite large, considering the volume of people who come to visit this country to experience and enjoy its many tourist spots. Among the most frequented of these include the Gothic-inspired skyscraper, Palacio Salvo, in the capital city of Montevideo and the Feria de Tristan Narvaja where travellers can shop for anything under the sun, from pets to antiques


IMG in Uruguay offers a single trip that is available for purchase before or after departure. It also has no age limit as to only coverage deduction apply at age 70+. Their international and expatriate healthcare and travel insurance are highly competitive for a reasonable price.

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Travelling and finding out that your luggage is nowhere to be found is a major disaster. It definitely destroys all the travel and adventure plans you have. But it’s a different thing if you have MultiNational Underwriters in Uruguay offers Single Trip Insurance. It ensures that you get back the worth of your luggage and continue to enjoy your travel.

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