Self-Employed in Boston



Understanding the US regulations and requirements for each city, state, and federal government agencies can result in a smooth process when starting a business in the US for entrepreneurs.

Deciding on the business structure will be the first step. Massachusetts Office of Business Development (MOBD) recommends all prospective business owners to consult legal and accounting advice prior to choosing the type of business.

Types of business entity in Massachusetts are Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, Corporation and Limited Liability Company.

Once a business structure is established, a business name should be selected with the help of a lawyer. Lawyers assist on selecting a business name that is not already in use.

Registration of business is straightforward. A "Business Certificate" form must be filed at Boston's Office of the City Clerk. These forms must be signed by all owners and notarized individually. There will be a corresponding fee for filing.

Zoning regulations in Boston must be followed. Expats can determine the zoning and permitting regulations through the City of Boston Inspectional Services Department (ISD).

Individuals, partnerships, associations or trusts, corporations and limited liability companies are subject to taxation in Boston and are required to submit a Form List at the Assessing Department yearly.

Each business is required to apply for a Federal Tax Identification Number or Employer Identification Number (EIN) with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This is used by business entities for both federal and state tax purposes.

For more state requirements, visit the Massachusetts website.