Business Health Insurance in Albania

Generally, expats in Albania enjoy health insurance coverage through their employers. The public healthcare system is limited to citizens, thus foreign visitors and expats are responsible for all medical costs incurred in the country. Moreover, many expats prefer to seek for major medical procedures abroad due to Albania’s limited hospitals and facilities.

Cigna offers a wide selection of services and products for different business sizes and even includes employer-sponsored coverage.


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The International Medical Group is one of the leading international health insurance providers in the world, boasting of an extensive array of insurance products that are sure to meet the coverage needs of everyone, everywhere (in Albania or elsewhere). Expats, in particular, who need a corporate health insurance policy may choose from various corporate plans offered by IMG, such as the Global Employer’s Option, the Patriot Multi-Trip Medical Insurance, the Patriot Multi-Trip Group Travel Medical Insurance, and the Global Educators Medical.

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