Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Albania

Travel insurance multi-trip is recommended for foreigners who visit Albania multiple times a year. Most of the frequent visitors come for business purposes while some travel for leisure. In 2011, travel guidebook Lonely Planet listed Albania as the world’s top travel destination.


Expats in Albania need the coverage of reliable multi-trip travel insurance to ensure they are medically protected wherever in the globe they may be. International Medical Group is a well-known specialist in providing this kind of coverage, offering benefits that are specifically designed for frequent overseas travelers, and protecting millions of clients in at least 170 countries today.

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The importance of international insurance for world travelers cannot be denied. After all, anything can happen, and insurance back home will almost likely never work enough, if at all. In Albania, Atlas Professional by MultiNational Underwriters makes the right protection possible through multi-trip coverage, a more cost-effective option given that one plan already covers all trips within a year. Atlas Professional has a maximum limit of $1,000,000 per individual.

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