Tax Advisory in Albania

Generally, expats in Albania are imposed a flat 10% tax rate on personal, corporate and capital gains earned in the country. Expats are offered provides numerous tax relief measures, boosting the country’s reputation as taxpayer-friendly. The European state has some of the lowest tax rates in the continent.

Expats who neglect the obscurities of expat taxation may be in for unwelcome surprises. Avoiding expensive penalties as well as debt is possible, however, simply by implementing the right measures. UK personal taxation expert, Andrew Baker, is a recognized authority in expat taxation services in Albania, with his nearly four decades of experience in the industry.

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An expat always has to worry about his taxes and its corresponding legal ramifications. Tax Advisory Expatriates knows this and is here to help expats in Albania and anywhere else in the world. This specialized consulting firm is sure to be a big help in answering questions on tax returns, tax planning, tax qualifications, etc.

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