International School Advisory in Argentina

International school advisory in Argentina provide assistance to people planning to move to this country with schooling children. These bodies are composed of professionals who supply expats with accurate information on the different schools in the country, as well as introduce strategies that help families cope with relocation as it affects the educational needs of children.

Overseas relocation is not easy, especially when school age children are in tow. Making it more manageable, however, is School Choice International, with its expertise in school placements in Argentina and other key areas around the globe. In the SCI team are holders of doctoral and master degrees in education and education administration, including experts in the education of students with special needs.

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The process of relocation is often accompanied by a search for a globally competitive school the expatriates' children can attend. The Good Schools Guide International is a group of expats themselves, with their direct and personal experience with the local educational landscape, offering aid to families who are moving to Argentina. GSGI is also joined by educators and other parents who are together working towards providing effective advice regarding suitable school placements.

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