Culture Shock in Argentina



Moving to Argentina is an exotic South American experience that many expats love. The country has a unique culture that many find interesting and endearing for its focus on family, passion for fun fare, and value for friends.

With a population amounting to 42, 352, 023 people and an expat population of 5%, Argentinean culture is actually a mix of the country's native customs and traditions and those that were adopted from the ways of many immigrant communities that had settled in the country. It is worth noting that despite the marriage of culture from different races, the focal point remains to be the family. Family life is the core of Argentinean living. Expats who have moved to Argentina would agree that it is very common to find teenagers walking arm in arm with his or her parents, families out for bonding time on a daily basis, or even extended families living in a single household. 

The people of Argentina are also very passionate. If you find them shouting or making big gestures, don't take it the wrong way. They're just very expressive. This passion also translates to their love for camaraderie. If a colleague of yours or a random stranger on the bus chats you up, don't be scared. Argentineans are simply being friendly and helpful.

If you come from a country that's not big on celebrations, then you're in for some culture shock. Argentineans have fiestas and carnivals throughout the whole year. One notably colorful celebration is the El Carnaval del Pais which is held two weeks prior to Lent. This is hosted by the town of Gualeguaychu and is usually marked by vibrant costumes, songs, and dance. 

Living in Argentina is not an everyday vacation. But for expatriates who are willing to accept the culture, the Argentinean life can give you a daily dose of discoveries and adventure.


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