Having a Baby in Argentina



Only expectant mothers would know how very similar the stresses may be from expecting a baby and moving to a new country. When an expat is dealing with both at once this stress can be compounded.

Expats who are relocating to Argentina will find that the costs of healthcare for pregnant women in the country are quite reasonable. One expectant expat mother shares that she chose Argentina over another Latin American country primarily due to its great healthcare provisions for a woman in her situation. Prenatal care is available in any public or private Argentine hospital, but if you want to have the latest and the best facilities, you may want to go the country's capital of Buenos Aires. 

The cost of acquiring private health insurance and maternity care still remains affordable in Argentina, in comparison to what it would cost for getting the same quality plan in the US. For example, comprehensive medical coverage for a family of three costs only around 160 USD. The average cost of giving birth in Argentina is still significantly lower than what it costs in countries like the US. For example the cost by day for caesarean births is pegged at around 525.57 USD while it is about 105.61 USD for natural births. 

Some excellent private hospitals in the city that offer great maternity care with English-speaking staff are German Hospital and British Hospital. Bear in mind though that you would only be able to avail of pregnancy benefits for this cost of a health plan only if you signed up for it before you were pregnant, so expats are recommended to obtain international health insurance to ensure coverage.


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