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Here you are, with a job offer for a position in Argentina? Well congratulations ! but let’s take a look at what it takes in terms of benefits for you to maintain a good standard of living and protection of your family. When you’re living abroad, you need to prepare for all contingencies and make sure that you’re completely covered in all aspects of life pretty much the same way you would look at insurance products at home. Before moving to Argentina, learn what you can get with different types of insurance and find out just how much time, money and hassle a simple insurance plan can save you when you’re living overseas.

Getting Insurance 

First thing you need to check when looking at local products and providers is to check if the company you’re signing up with is approved and registered with the country’s Superintendencia de Seguros de la Nación (National Supervisory of Insurances). Any illegal actions like raising your insurance policy price without notification or insurance renewals without your permission can be reported to this government agency.

The insurance industry in Argentina is alive and thriving, so getting insurance in this country is not a problem. There are several local and international insurance brokers, providers, and agents available in the country. You can even set up insurance through some banks. You just need to know where to get the right type of insurance you need. There are insurance brokers that offer more than just health and life insurance in the country such as Providencia Seguros (formerly known as Generali Argentina) and Makler Seguros. There are also some international banks that offer insurance services such as Lloyd’s Bank that offer business insurance and risk management in Argentina. There are also a number of international health insurance providers available in the country.

Because Argentina’s insurance industry is quite modern and thriving, you can easily sign up for insurance plans online by asking for a quote. Alternatively, you can also call, email, or visit the company offices to ask about their insurance policies.

Importance of Insurance 

As an expat, you need to think of your next move, either geographical or of employer. It is important to talk to your HR about this, and plan your personal protection accordingly. For instance, international health insurance policies often offer more than just medical emergency coverage. They can also help you stay fit through programs for their members, pay for regular check-ups and even give you access to your health records wherever you are in the world. Depending on the policy you sign up for, you can get so much more than just medical coverage.

Life insurances can offer you great investment policies as well as a retirement plan policy. These insurance plans are set up to make sure that you actually use the money you spend to get the insurance. Avoid misconceptions and myths about paying for insurance, because while you’re living abroad, insurance can be more than just a safety blanket.


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Local Insurance in Argentina

Local insurance can be quite efficient in Argentina if you’re staying in a major city like Buenos Aires, but the same cannot be said for the rural regions of the country. The government agency Superintendencia de Seguros de la Nación (National Supervisory of Insurances) checks insurance policies and regulations in the country to make sure that all insurance offered in the country are legitimate and carried out in a lawful manner.

Car insurance is mandatory by law in Argentina, and it is best to keep this insurance local, as the policies for car insurance is very particular in Argentina. As for other types of insurances, most expats opt to get international private coverage. Argentina houses offices for the best international insurance companies in Buenos Aires. The convenience of having international coverage for life, health or travel insurance is just a better option for expats in Argentina. This also ensures that you can get coverage even in rural areas as long as you’re in the country. International insurance policies are also run by multinational companies which ensure company stability and additional services that local insurance simply cannot provide.



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