Pet Import Regulations in Argentina



For most people, pets are simply part of the daily routine while others cannot imagine being parted from their beloved dog or cat. As such is the case, it is not uncommon to find expatriates traveling from one country to another with their pet.

Expats moving to Argentina with their furry friends (and even those that are not so furry) would be relieved to note that the country is very pet-friendly. However, there are regulations to be followed when it comes to pet transport, and it is best that you are aware of them to ensure a hassle-free move-in to Argentina. 

First order of business in pet relocation would be to ensure that your pet has been vaccinated for rabies at least 30 days before your entry to Argentina. Note that the country does not recognize the three-year rabies vaccine, so make sure to get a recent shot for your pet. 

Relocating pets would also require you to obtain an International Health Certificate that states that your pet has been vaccinated, is free of parasites, and in generally good health. This must be acquired with signature dated 10 days, at the most, before your arrival in Argentina. This certificate must also have the official stamp of the governing veterinary authority in your home country. 

As far as the physical travel of your beloved animal to your new home in Latin America you can either have them with you in-flight or you can enlist the assistance of companies that offer pet relocation services to Argentina.  

International pet relocation is a concern many expatriates have. To avoid any inconvenience on your part (and your pet too), make sure to adhere to the Argentinean regulations and have the paperwork settled and ready before your move. It is much easier to get the help from a professional pet transport company to ensure all is done perfectly for your loved one.


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