Visiting the Doctor in Argentina



The Argentinean expatriate adventure, no matter how fun and exciting it may be, could at some point require you to pay a quick visit to the local doctor.

Expats who will be visiting a doctor in Argentina will have little to worry about. Doctors in the country are competent and ready to take you in for a brief check-up or for more complex medical needs. Should you require undergoing more complicated medical procedures, it would be a better choice to have it done in the capital, since the capital city of Buenos Aires houses the country's best and brightest set of medical professionals. Furthermore, although there are several hospitals in Argentina, most of them are situated outside of Buenos Aires and do not have the most modern and complete of facilities. The cost of a consultation with doctor in Argentina can range from 17 USD to around 50 USD if you see a specialist. 

A hospital in Argentina, wherever it is located in the country, will always be ready to take care of emergency situations. In the event of any emergencies, you may dial 107 should you need ambulance or paramedic assistance. 

Potential expatriates to Argentina would be glad to note that the country has several hospitals with English-speaking medical personnel. In the city of Buenos Aires, Hospital Britanico (private) and Hospital De Niños Dr Ricardo Gutierrez are commonly visited by expat patients for their English-speaking staff. 

Public health care coverage in Argentina aims to provide affordable and accessible medical services to all the country's inhabitants, including expatriates. But these services are generally basic. Most foreign nationals are advised to have international health insurance for more extensive coverage. 

Indeed, Argentina does not only offer an exotic new life ahead, it also ensures you get to enjoy it with the best medical personnel if the need calls for their assistance.