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90 percent of Argentinians live in an urban area. Three quarters of the city population live in apartment buildings, many of these high rises, but in the suburbs, seven eighths of residents live in homes. Some 20 percent of the people live in shanty towns or substandard housing without access to indoor plumbing. Much public housing has been built in recent years. Most expatriates in Argentina rent their accommodation, and most places prefer to charge cash in US Dollars.


The minimum rental is two years, but short term accommodations and residencias are available for tourists. Those seeking a long term rental at Argentine prices will need a garantia from an Argentine business owner. However, it is also possible in Argentina to find cheap rental deals using Craigslist. Rental prices can be as low as 400 pesos a month, and are thus generally easy to find for foreigners, harder for many Argentinians for whom purchasing a home is out of the question. Many rental agencies offer services in English.


There has been a construction boom in recent years, with a trend toward new luxury homes being built in private neighborhoods near Buenos Aires costing on average US $82,000.

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