Expat Insurance Services in Argentina

There are several types of insurance available in Argentina, including: Life Insurance, Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance, and Health Insurance. Car insurance is required by Argentine law for all drivers, and proof of insurance is demanded from drivers upon crossing the border in a vehicle from a neighboring country.


Travel insurance, including flight insurance covering missed flights, is a necessity for tourists who are visiting Argentina. Both public and private health care systems exist, about 28 million who are employed obtain their health insurance through the unions, while around 2 to 5 million are privately insured, the remainder must rely on public health care services. However, both health care and insurance costs in Argentina are many times cheaper than they are in the United States – it costs no more than the equivalent of about 45 US dollars for health premiums.


For excellent quality care the doctors even make house calls. The Argentinean life insurance market is expected to rise in coming years, other insurance markets have tended to stagnate somewhat, despite the entry of several foreign competitors. In fact, the Argentine government bank recently ordered insurance companies to repatriate foreign investments back to Argentina.

Health Insurance in Argentina

Foreigners travelling to Argentina are advised to get a comprehensive health insurance. This helps avoid high costs of treatment and medicines abroad. Ask for free quotes from top insurance providers.

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Business Health Insurance in Argentina

Check out corporate health insurance solutions for your employees in Argentina. A health plan programme not only helps attract new employees, it also boost productivity in the office. Request for free quotes!

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Life Insurance in Argentina

Living in Argentina or in any other expat destination requires adequate insurance protection. Get an affordable life insurance plan that suits your goals and budget. Attain peace of mind while abroad!

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Car Insurance in Argentina

An international car insurance protects expats from costs due to physical damage, theft and liability. For information on insurance providers in Argentina, browse our updated resources. You may also ask for free quotes online.

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Property Insurance in Argentina

Expats relocating to Argentina are advised get a property insurance plan. Aside from the standard protection, this plan includes add-ons such as free liability insurance. Ask for a free quote today!

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Home Insurance in Argentina

Get the right insurance for your overseas home in Argentina. There are various insurance providers that offer high public liability cover and additional protection against accidental damage. Ask for quotes today!

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Single Trip Travel Insurance in Argentina

Each year, millions of foreigners visit Argentina’s beaches, vibrant nightlife and festive atmosphere. Get a single-trip travel insurance from reputable insurance providers. Browse our updated resources today for helpful information.

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Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Argentina

If you take multiple trips to Argentina in a year, it is advisable to purchase a multi-trip travel insurance. This short-term travel medical insurance allows the insured to seek treatment with the hospital of his/her choice.

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