Single Trip Travel Insurance in Argentina

Travel insurance single trip in Argentina will assure travelers of coverage, from health to flight-related inconveniences. In 2010, there were more than five million foreigners who toured this country, a figure 20% higher than in 2009, but more than half of them came uninsured. With single trip insurance to Argentina, a tourist is given coverage for the whole duration of the trip, from departure to arrival in the tourist’s home country.


Many tourists and expats in Argentina choose the International Medical Group (IMG) for their travel insurance needs. IMG’s Patriot Travel Medical Insurance provides short-term coverage for individuals and their dependents. This superior plan, renewable up to 24 months, has maximum benefit limits from US$50,000 to US$2M. Contact IMG today for a free quote!

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Traveling to Argentina entails possible health expense that can be financially damaging. The HCC Medical Insurance Services LLC, formerly the Multinational Underwriters, has various international health insurance products that protect tourists and expats in Argentina. HCC’s Atlas Travel Insurance provides coverage for essential hospital treatment up to US$1M. This superior plan includes hospital room and board, and ambulance services.

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