Expat Finance Services in Argentina

The currency in Argentina has been Argentine peso since 1992, originally known as the peso convertible. The peso comes in 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 peso bills, 1 peso coins have been used in place of the 1 peso note since 1994. In 1992, the peso convertible replaced the austral as Argentina’s currency. There was a long series of previous currencies, several of which were also called peso, but which were being constantly devalued to the point that each new currency would drop several zeroes from the last currency.


The peso convertible on the other hand was at first fixed as equal to one US dollar, representing actual American fiat currency held by the Argentine Government’s Central Bank, until the 2001 financial crisis when it was again allowed to float, dropping the name ‘convertible’, one peso has been around US 25 cents for the past couple of years, down from around 33 cents in the past. It’s cheaper to convert in Argentina than at home, but US dollars are popular with retailers.


Credit and debit cards are widespread, but withdrawing over 300 pesos at a time can be difficult depending on what bank you use, and there’s a charge for withdrawal. A major state-owned bank is the Banco de la Nacion Argentina.

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Currency Exchange in Argentina

Thinking of making a money transfer or a significant purchase abroad from Argentina? To enjoy the best exchange rates, browse forex companies and compare their rates.

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Current Account in Argentina

As an expat in Argentina, you need flexibility in your current account for cost-efficient and hassle-free global transactions. Find the banking solution that works for you now!

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Offshore Savings in Argentina

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Expat Mortgages in Argentina

Expats are free to obtain an offshore mortgage in Argentina. Compare international mortgage consultants, inquire, and obtain quotes - at zero charge!

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Financial Advice in Argentina

Determine how to establish your investment portfolio and reach your investment targets as an expat in Argentina. Have your risk profile analyzed by a financial advisor now!

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Expat Savings in Argentina

Enjoy the sun, beach and easy-living in Argentina. Attain peace of mind abroad by securing suitable financial solutions for you and your family. We have a list of savings and retirement products designed for expats.

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QROPS in Argentina

Argentina is home to a significant number of UK pensioners. Since 2006, various companies have been helping expats transfer their personal and occupation pensions to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme. Call a QROPS expert in Argentina.

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Online Broker in Argentina

The internet has made investing a global experience. Expats in Argentina may participate in currency trading, Contracts for Difference (CFD) trading and others through online brokers. Compare services and rates to get the best deal.

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US Expat Tax in Argentina

Whether you live in Argentina or elsewhere, the US government requires you to file tax returns each year. All US citizens are required to pay tax on their income within and without the US. Call an expert for guidance.

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Tax Advisory in Argentina

All residents in Argentina, locals and expats alike, are subject to income tax. US expats and others are also mandated to pay taxes on their worldwide income to their home governments. Know more about expat taxes in Argentina from experts.

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