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Moving Services in Argentina

There is a huge community of expatriates in Argentina, many attracted by the low cost of living available. Those moving to Argentina first need to have a visa, which can take some time to get. Their passport must be valid for a year after the visa is issued by the embassy or consulate in their nation. Four passport style photos are additionally required, along with a certified birth certificate, a criminal record transcript from their national police, a medical form supplied by the consulate, a declaration of not having a criminal past, signed in the consul’s presence, and the application fee.


Short term visas are not required for tourists or those doing business or market research from several countries, including the United States. Temporary work visas are granted for up to one year by the National Directorate of Migration, typically handled by the contracting company in Argentina, but these can also be applied for through any consulate. Work visa requirements are a copy of the labour contract, birth and marriage certificates translated into Spanish, and a passport valid for a year and a half after issuance.


There are also, for those who can afford them, investor, retirement, and rentista visas (requiring monthly income from investments abroad equal to 2500 pesos). Non Argentines who are the parent, child, or spouse of an Argentine citizen may live in the country with a Permanent visa.

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