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In Australia students usually have to be at least 18 years old to attend University, unless they are exceptionally brilliant. High School diplomas from the United States are usually not considered enough to go to University in Australia. The length of time required to get a degree from an Australian university is normally 3 years. Plenty of foreign students come to Australia to attend their Universities. Quite a few older people, especially women, also attend Australian universities.


The tuition at an Australian University in 2005 was on average between 9000 and 16000 Australian dollars, depending on the type of course work. It is also possible for some students to apply for a number of different grants that enable access into the Australian educational structure at the university level. Two of the main ones are called Youth Allowance and Austudy grants, but these are not available for those pursuing a Masters degree or a Doctorate.


The universities in Australia offer Bachelors' and Masters' degrees in both Arts and Science, and the PhD degree pr Doctor of Philosophy, which entails the student doing some original research. Those applying to attend a University in Australia typically have to submit their application forms by the end of September.

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Australia is regarded as one of most liveable destinations in the world. Learn about your options when it comes to affordable education for your children. There are experts willing to guide you through public, private and international schools in the country.

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Whether you are looking for an American, British or Singaporean institution, Australia offers you a wide range of options. Find a school that befits your child and your budget.

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