International School Advisory in Australia

An international school advisory in Australia can offer significant help in finding the best school for expat children. There are international private institutions which cost as much as 25,000 AUD yearly, faith-based institutions, which cost around 1200 AUD annually and, of course, public schools which are free. Choosing a school may require more considerations, and an advisory body can provide significant help.

Professional help is highly useful for families who have intentions of moving to Australia. For school placement assistance, expats have been trusting School Choice International for years. In a matter of two to four weeks after a request is lodged, SCI'S over 140 advisors can respond and provide the needed assistance in a timely fashion.

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Expatriate life may be exciting but it also entails a huge responsibility when children are involved. This is particularly true when it is time to make considerations regarding school placements. The Good Schools Guide International provides school placement advice in Australia through a team that is composed of expats themselves, educators, and concerned parents, providing advice that is based on first-hand experiences with he local educational system.

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