Allergies in Australia



Australia has a few common allergies which are usually caused by either of two things - pollen-producing plants and jumper ant stings. Allergic reactions differ from simple sneezing to respiratory problems depending on a person's health condition.

Causes for allergy

Reactions to allergies differ from person to person and can range from harmless sneezing to more serious cases of anaphylaxis. Certain types of plants can create pollen-related allergies, such as Bermuda couch grass, rye grass and wattle. Expatriates who have purchased property near grasslands in northern Australia may want to take extra precautions as these areas are usually the most affected. Some people have made it a habit to wear a surgical mask during spring time.  

There are some insects in Australia which can bring about allergic reactions through their bites, such as jumper ant stings. Expats are advised to consult a doctor for vaccines to prevent these kinds of allergic reactions. It would be helpful for expatriates to bring along a list of their existing medications and doses that they might need while living in Australia. Of course, it is best to have private health insurance or international health insurance ready to help lessen the cost of medication or consultation.