Choosing where to live in Melbourne



The most common types of housing are apartments and houses. If you live closer to the city, apartments are the norm. Out in the suburbs, people usually live in houses. Each of Melbourne’s suburbs has its distinct character. Carlton is the home of the Italian community and its famous for the many bustling cafes and restaurants. Parkville is where the University of Melbourne is located, and Kensington is a popular residential district.


South Melbourne

  • This neighbourhood boasts of streets lined with trees and vegetation. It is among Melbourne's green spaces. Nature and environment lovers will find it endearing. Visitors and locals who would want to be able to relax and just have some breathing space will find it in this neighbourhood.


  • Carlton is in the north of the city and popular with its superb Italian restaurants along Lygon Street. The outdoor seating set up attracts everyone who wants to have a gastronomic experience in fine dining. Carlton is where Melbourne University is located. The city is bustling with students, student activities and lifestyle. For shopping the Bourke Street mall is just about 15 minutes from where the restaurants are located.


  • Richmond is Melbourne's most multicultural neighbourhood. Richmond is the earliest settlement, and it is a showcase of historic streets and back alleys. One such example is Victoria Street, which resembles Ho Chi Minh City. Visitors and locals frequent this place if they want to experience the sights, sounds, taste and ambience of Vietnam. Richmond also has lines of bargain stores for shopping.


  • This neighbourhood is near the city and at the back of the Spencer Street station. This is a more industrialised neighbourhood in Melbourne. It got its name because of the diverse restaurants, shops as well as theatres and cinemas along the waterfront, called NewQuay. This is also where everyone heads for Australian Rules football at the Etihad Stadium.

St. Kilda

  • This neighbourhood is popular with its chic, hip and more a bohemian kind of lifestyle. It is also nestled near the bay and is just about the right distance from the main city. This neighbourhood has the most number of restaurants, from the pricey fine-dining ones to the cheaper yet delicious food joints. It used to be Melbourne's red-light district. Visitors and locals frequent the Esplanade - a beach with a beautiful vintage quay. The Luna Park is among the oldest parks which were built in 1912 and the home of the wooden rollercoaster.


  • This neighbourhood is the entertainment centre of the city. It is also situated near the river (Yarra River), just opposite the Finders Street Station. Casino-goers frequent the Crown Casino, the country's premier gaming joint. Visitors will find a variety of shops, boutiques, cafes, bars, high-end designer shops and cinemas in the area.