Choosing Where to Live in Sydney



Choosing where to live in Australia’s most populous city is not an easy task. With so many equally desirable areas to choose from in Sydney, expatriates can narrow down their options by considering its level of security, proximity to work, school and sources of primary needs. 

Sydney’s urban structure is divided into 658 suburbs where 33 are within the city centre or near the Central Business District. Most locals and a majority of the international community live in the CBD where they are conveniently close to work. However, Sydney is no different with other hot destinations abroad where the cost of accommodation gets pricier as it gets closer to the city centre. Expats should consider their personal needs, preferences and budget to make sure they’re choosing the right neighbourhood.  


Kings Cross 

  • Also known as ‘The Cross’, this area is ideal for expats who are looking for a home where the city’s nightlife is thriving. It is considered as a red-light district because of its abundance of restaurants, clubs, pubs and bars. Kings Cross is a glittering neighbourhood where foreign assignees can mingle with young locals who share the same love for the city lifestyle. It is also near several waterfront residential areas such as Rose Bay, Elizabeth Bay and Double Bay. 

The Rocks 

  • The Rocks is a neighbourhood best for expats who are looking for the upbeat city life. Aside from being a residential area, it is also popular for its streets lined restaurants, cafés and boutiques. Soon-to-be expat residents of this neighbourhood will enjoy going to the much visited The Rock Market during weekends or travel to the nearby Opera House, bars and nightclubs. It is also conveniently near the city centre which makes it an ideal home for those who want to live near their work. 

Lavender Bay 

  • Located on the lower end of North Shore, Lavender Bay is a residential area that offers a great view of the famous Sydney Harbour. It has a laid back vibe and residents enjoy drinking coffee on the weekend on some of the cafés located near the local post office. Lavender Bay is best for expats who are relocating with their family because it has vast open spaces such as the Watt Park, Clark Park and the beautiful garden of Wendy Whitely. Here, they will find accommodations such as family homes that are complete with front lawn and parking spaces. 


  • Blacktown is one of the most ethnically diverse neighbourhoods in Sydney and is best for those who want to live in an international community. It is a good option for expats who are relocating with their kids because of its proximity to several schools. Singles and young professionals will also find this area appealing because it serves as the home of the Blacktown Commercial Business District and Westpoint Blacktown, a major shopping centre. 


  • Manly is a lovely neighbourhood by the ocean and famous for its restaurants that serve affordable, mouth-watering dishes. Expats who will relocate here will enjoy a family-friendly community while living just 17 kilometres away from the Sydney Central Business District. Manly is famous for its picturesque beauty and homes located near white-sand beaches. It also has its commercial area filled with cafés, restaurants, stores and supermarkets.