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Canberra is Australia's second most expensive city next to Sydney but is still way cheaper than any major European destination.

Canberra is Australia's second most expensive city next to Sydney, but is still a lot cheaper than major European destinations. With a total population is made up of 418,856 people, expats who plan to relocate to Canberra will find that the city is a top choice to moveinto as it is home to the country's highest paying employers and has an employment rate of 82%. Major Job industries in Canberra include the public administration and safety sector, the professional, scientific and technical services along with the healthcare and social assistance sectors. Expats looking to know more about the costs of entertainment options will find that 2 tickets to the movies will cost 30 AUD while 2 tickets to the theatre will cost 203 AUD.


Homes in Canberra are not exactly cheap, but they have become generally affordable owing to its residents being the highest paid compared to those living in other cities in Australia. Obviously, this puts expats in a very favorable position. When looking for accommodation, monthly rent in a 1-bedroom flat with an attached bedroom will cost 480 to 1,680 AUD. Expats looking to rent a 2-bedroom furnished flat can expect that it will cost 1,200 to 2,800 AUD while monthly rent for a 3-bedroom furnished flat will cost 1060 to 6,800 AUD. Expats looking for cheap homes in the suburbs will find that the most affordable homes would cost around 280-380 AUD a week while in the more expensive areas of the city's inner south such as Ainslie and Barton, homes with garages and spacious living areas of varying sizes would cost around 320 to 800 AUD per week. 

Buying property

The city of Canberra is big in land area and real estate for sale. As expats are allowed to purchase properties, they will rarely have a hard time searching for something to buy, especially with a trusted real estate agent. Real estate prices in Canberra have been uncontrollably soaring but reviewing actual home-for-sale ads will give a range of 100,000 - 4000 AUD per home. The figures are not too cheap, but neither are they too extravagant as what one might often read in the papers, magazines and on the Internet. When buying real estate in the city, it is important for expats not to rely on write up or news reports. It is most preferable to go out and see properties as they actually exist in the market.  

House Utilities

Electricity, Internet, and cable connection are typical utilities to be settled by every household in Canberra. Some renters may or may not be required to pay for water but for those that are, a 130-180 AUD total monthly expense is considered within acceptable range for an average two to three-person household. Water itself can be exceptionally expensive, in fact, the most expensive in Australia, and can cost up to 65 AUD per month. Other costs to take note of include 49 to 89.95 AUD to set up a monthly internet connection in Canberra.


Hungry expatriates will find that the costs of food in Canberra can be expensive, as a 1 daily menu in the business district will cost 18 AUD while dinner for two out in an Italian restaurant with wine will cost 113 AUD. For cheaper meals, one Big Mac Meal in the local McDonalds will cost about 8.50 to 10.00 AUD. A typical grocery bill for about 2-3 people plays between 190-210 AUD per week. It does make a huge difference cooking one's own meals or eating out, which can be so much more expensive. Pizzas can cost from 15-30 AUD. Meals that mix Asian and Italian noodles served creatively would cost 25 up to 50 AUD. Different Chinese dishes and cuisines for delivery cost 40 up to $70 AUD.


Fully air conditioned buses, convenient taxis, luxurious car rentals and ferry public transportation are common methods of getting around the city of Canberra. Expats who plan to ship their car to Canberra will find that 1 liter of petrol will cost 1.44 to 1.60 AUD. Those who prefer to take public transportation will expect to pay 2.84 to 4.50 AUD for one inner city bus ticket while expats who wish to rent a car instead can rent a car for 20 to 50 AUD a day, with the renter having to pay for the gasoline. An adult bus ticket is around 3.80 AUD while students get an appreciable discount with a total bill per ride at 1.90 AUD. Fares are discounted for senior citizens, children ages five years and below and toddlers.



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