Emergency Numbers in Australia


Expats will have a lot to learn in Australia, and one of the first and most basic concerns that need to be addressed right away is the topic of emergency numbers.

For all types of emergencies from fire to medical to police situations, an expat may call the hotline 000 which is a number that can be accessed throughout Australia with a few exceptions of certain landlines or wireless phone carriers. For these exceptions, 112 would be the number to dial. It is important to know beforehand which emergency number applies with your phone and not wait for an emergency to find out. Those with speech or hearing impairments can dial 106 which is a text-based emergency call service.

Three-digit emergency numbers are national hotlines which can be dialled from any point in Australia. However, there remain local numbers that may be called for the same emergencies. In the Australian white pages, an expat can find all local numbers that can be dialled when accessibility problems with the national hotlines arise.

Emergency numbers are bits of vital information that should never be taken for granted. To make responding to emergencies a faster and easier process, it is good to display these numbers in visible places around the house, such as the refrigerator door, on the actual telephone unit and mobile phones.

Consequently, it shouldn't take an emergency situation for expats living in Australia to know which emergency hotline should be dialled. In Australia, the numbers are all made available to everybody.

Emergency Contact Numbers

In the event of an emergency, these are reliable numbers that you may contact:

Primary Emergency Number: 000

Secondary emergency call service numbers: 112 and 106

To get the number of a hospital/clinic/doctor dial: 1234 (operator)



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