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The lack of insurance coverage cannot be ignored when you’re living overseas. It's not just for peace of mind, but it can also really save you from a lot of hassle and overwhelming emergency costs that you can't cover with a simple emergency savings. Like most cities in Australia, Brisbane has a good health care network, yet it can be quite expensive. Don't underestimate the health and safety of your loved ones. Learn more about insurance for your protection now.

Getting Insurance

As with most countries in the world, Australia requires foreign employees to have medical and employment insurance through their employers via a monthly paid contribution from both parties to the Australian government. The public health and security services can be acquired by the employee, but dependents of employees may not be covered. It's best if you discuss the terms of insurance in your expat contract with your HR especially if you intend to bring your family with you. This way, you can also negotiate having an international insurance policy that can cover you and your family.

Private insurance, specifically international private insurance is still preferred among the expat community, due to the flexibility in services as well as a wider global coverage for the products they choose. Some of the international companies with offices in Brisbane are Allianz and GIO.

Importance of Insurance

Brisbane has a very efficient public health and social security sector, that most people tend to forget the importance of having a fully comprehensive insurance plan. Insurance is not just for emergencies, insurance plans can also help you cover for services that you normally have to pay for outside your public health services such as dental care and the likes. The right insurance policy can help you even with the most basic needs while you’re living in Brisbane. Insurance also helps you safeguard your finances in the event of an emergency. For things that are not covered by public insurance, services can be very costly in a country like Australia. People usually tend to underestimate the costs before it’s too late. Don’t take the risk, enjoy the benefits and the peace of mind you get from insurance.

Local Insurance in Brisbane

Brisbane offers a lot of options for insurance. Both the local and international insurance industry has a big presence in the city, and in Australia, some local companies are also known globally, so local insurance can also provide international insurance coverage. You just need to know what kind of plan you’re signing up for to ensure that you utilise all the best services offered. Companies such as Chubb Insurance Co of Australia, QBE, and GIO are well known in the local and international insurance industry and they are all Australian companies that also offer local coverage.



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