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Canberra, Australia’s capital, is one of the biggest hubs for insurance and protection companies in the country. What does it mean for you as you are relocating there?

The large insurance industry in the city and the country means that there are several options for expats to choose from. Start by exploring your benefits package and defining your needs: determine your needs and find out what kind of insurance policies will fit your lifestyle the most. There are also several services that insurance plans can offer other than emergency cost coverage. Learn more about what your insurance in Canberra can do for you in the long run.

Getting Insurance

Expats in the city can access public health and social service insurance through a monthly contribution paid by you and your employer through a monthly salary deduction. However, it would still be best if you have a private insurance policy that can include your family or any additional service you will need such as dental care and regular monthly check-ups in the city.

The Insurance Council of Australiaregulates the insurance companies and policies in the country. If you would like to check the credibility of the company you would like to get insurance from, this is a good place to check. Despite the accessibility and efficiency of public health and social services, most expats in the city still prefer private insurance plans for the larger coverage for their needs and a wider global reach. Some of the best international companies with offices in Canberra are Zurich Insurance and Marsh.

Importance of Insurance

Canberra has a relatively high cost of living so even the basic service can cost you a lot of money in this city. You can avoid paying more by getting the right insurance policy for your needs in the city. Auto insurance coverage is mandatory in Australia, so you can look into what kind of other services you can get when you buy auto insurance. Some international insurance companies for example, offer roadside service assistance. There are many other services that each insurance product can offer you to make sure that your money is well spent.

Local Insurance in Canberra

Like in most major cities in Australia, Canberra has several local and international insurance offices ready to offer products and services to expats in the city. And as we mentioned before, since Australia’s insurance industry is quite extensive, their local insurance companies are also known worldwide, so getting local insurance in a place like Canberra can also translate into an international insurance policy which gives a lot of advantages for expats. Just make sure that you understand the fine print and make it clear that you would like to get an international coverage instead of an exclusively local one. Some of the best local insurance you can get in the city are GIO and IAG.



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