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Perth is the 8th most liveable city in the world, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit. Most expats in Perth are skilled workers in the services, mining and petroleum, business and exports industries. As the steady growth of the economy attracts global attention in this city, the cost of living prices are also going up, so you would need a good insurance plan for the health and protection of your loved ones as well as your valuables to avoid shelling out a huge sum of money in the event of an emergency. Getting insurance can also save you money for basic services that are usually included in international insurance plans, such as dental care, etc. Read more about how insurance can help you save money in more ways than one while you’re living in Perth.

Getting Insurance

Australia offers a type of public health cover to Australian and New Zealand citizens, permanent residents and temporary residents from countries where Australia has a reciprocal healthcare agreement. Medicare provides free treatment in a public hospital, and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) extends discounts on drugs and medicines.

If you live in Perth and other parts of Western Australia, you may register under WA Health or the state’s public health system. WA Health provides residents free access to public and private hospitals, community health centres and other medical facilities such as those offering mental health care, alcohol and drug services and dental services.

Discuss all this with your employer before accepting your position and if you are a contractor, talk to an advisor that will guide you based on your status.

A car insurance is mandatory in Western Australia. When you register your car, a part of the fee goes to the compulsory third party insurance scheme (TPI) that provides protection against treatment and support services to people injured in road accidents. The TPI is also extended to people injured by uninsured or unidentified vehicles. If you need cover against costs of damage, you’d need to purchase a separate insurance plan.

Property insurance is voluntary in Perth, though you’re strongly recommended to get one. If you’re renting an apartment, your landlord is obliged to purchase insurance for the house or building. However, this doesn’t include the contents. Thus, you’d have to pay for a contents insurance to cover your personal belongings.

Expats are also encouraged to purchase a life and a travel insurance before moving to Perth. These will provide additional protection for you and your family while you’re living abroad.

Importance of Insurance

Whether a country requires you get a travel or health insurance prior entry or not, it’s imperative to purchase protection before moving abroad. This will supplement the insurance provided by the government or your employer, if any. An insurance primarily protects you from financial losses due to an illness, property damage, car accident and other unforeseeable events. For a minimal premium payment, you’d have peace of mind wherever you may be.

Local Insurance in Perth

Insurance is voluntary in Perth and the rest of Western Australia. Nevertheless, you’re encouraged to purchase a private insurance plan. If you don’t qualify under the national public health cover, you may still be protected under the WA Health or your company-sponsored insurance plan. If you’re buying a private health insurance plan, Australia offers an income-tested rebate program to help you with the premiums.

You have a long list of options for insurance companies that offers life, health, property, car and travel insurance plans. There are local and international companies with reliable customer support. You can seek assistance from insurance brokers who can help you match your profile and needs with a suitable insurance product.



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