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Australia’s centre of commerce holds a lot of opportunities for expats which is why it’s drawn a large population of immigrants and expat employees.

The latest census reported that more than a third of residents were born abroad, making Sydney a melting pot of races and cultures. This also means that most things don’t come cheap in a city like Sydney. Before packing your belongings for life in this global city, you should explore the best options for insurance and protection for yourself, your loved ones and your valuable property. 

Importance of Insurance

Before moving to Sydney or any other destination in the world, it’s important to ask your employer whether your compensation package includes insurance coverage. Insurance is protection against the financial impact of an unforeseeable event such as illness, injury, property damage or accident. Most travel insurance provides repatriation assistance in case of political turmoil or civil war in the host country. It doesn’t matter where you may be. Insurance offers you and your family safety net against the inevitable.

Getting Private Insurance  

As an expat, it is your task to know the types of insurance coverage your host country may extend as well as available private insurance plans you can secure on your own. Whether you’re looking for life, medical, property, car or travel insurance, Sydney has a long list of insurers and product for you.

Australia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. All citizens of Australia and New Zealand, permanent foreign residents and temporary visa holders from countries with Reciprocal Healthcare Agreement (RHCA) with Australia, are entitled to the government-sponsored Medicare.  This public cover extends free or low-cost treatment in public hospitals.

Expats living in Sydney and other parts of New South Wales may avail of NSW Health, the state’s healthcare system. There are 210 public and 84 private hospitals, 280 community-run health centres and 500 early childhood centres in the state. You can also purchase a private medical insurance for you and your family.

A Compulsory Third Party Car Insurance (or CTP Greenslip) is a requirement when you register your car in NSW. This insurance covers accident-related personal injuries involving your vehicle. For protection against damage, you’d need to purchase a separate car insurance. Other also buy coverage for third-party property damage, third-party fire and theft coverage and comprehensive protection.

If you’re renting accommodation in Sydney, you’d only need to buy a contents insurance for your personal belongings. Buying a property means you’d need additional protection. If you’re taking out a mortgage equivalent to 80% or more of the property value, your lender may require you to take out a Lenders Mortgage Insurance. This will protect your lender from loan defaults. A building insurance is necessary against damage on the structure while a Mortgage Protection Insurance will take care of your loan repayments in the event you get ill or injured.

Other insurance plans expats are strongly advised to secure are life and travel insurance. There’s a lot of insurance providers, local and international, that offer attractive deals to expats. 

Local Insurance

For a list of legitimate private medical insurance providers in Sydney, you may visit or contact the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). Most insurers, especially the global players, provide everything you need from life coverage to travel insurance plans. Seek the assistance of an insurance broker to ensure that your needs and budget are matched with the right products. A broker can also assist in increasing your coverage, adding features and other matters relating to your protection.



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