It's All About The Li'l Ones at the Sydney Living Museum



Sydney Living Museum is responsible for many interesting activities in Sydney’s museums that attract many people, especially children who are the main focus of their programs.

Sydney is not only one of the biggest cities in Australia but also the one with richest cultural heritage. Some of the sites resonate with Aboriginal history, while others reflect a European past with convict-built structures and old forts. Artefacts from all of these locations are being held in museums, historic houses and gardens in Sydney and other cities in New South Wales, but very often most people never visit these places because they find them unattractive. 


An organisation called Sydney Living Museum is managing all of these sparse institutions and is trying to integrate them into one whole. Their goal is to connect people with the history of Sydney so that they would understand it and pass it to the next generations. People should live with their history, revitalise it and enrich it with new stories; it should not be boring or difficult. To accomplish that, Sydney Living Museum organises many different exhibitions, research and events such as walks, talks and tours so that visitors could experience Sydney’s past as if they had lived there. 

The smallest members of our society, the children, are the biggest interest for Sydney Living Museum, so there are many family-friendly and school programs just for them. “Toys Through Time” is the name of hit exhibition for children, but there are also many other games, quizzes, stories or printed patterns inspired by Sydney’s history. There are also special workshops for children and all of that so that they would learn but through fun, which is the best way for them to enjoy visiting museums. Children are the future, which cannot be bright if we are not aware of our roots and history, Sydney Living Museum is assuring that knowledge is being passed further.