Longest and Scariest Zipline Rollercoaster in Sydney



Thrill seekers love the excitement of living life “on the edge.” For adrenaline junkies, the longest and scariest zipline roller coaster in Sydney is a must-try. 

There is nothing like a good adrenaline rush when you're living in Sydney! Sydney is home to the longest and scariest zipline roller coaster in the world. At is one kilometre long, it triples the length of any existing tree-based ride anywhere.

Crazy Treetop Rider

Called the top Crazy Treetop Rider, it is designed to bring out the rush in you. After takeoff, you dart through the top of the trees traversing at the height of almost that of a six-storey building. The tree-based ride is an incredible 5-minute experience that includes many twists and turns and three 360-degree exciting loops suspended up to eighteen meters above the ground. This gravity-defying zipline-rollercoaster will surely delight your eyes and senses as you absorb the sight and feel of the lush, green forest trees combine with the adrenaline rush through your body.

The Crazy Rider roller coaster zip line is found at the top of the park in Ourimbah State Forest. The ride itself goes through trees, showcasing Australia’s ecotourism as well.

You can expect a lot going on in the area but none as more exciting as the zip line – the unique ecotourism touch combined with a crazy zipline and a rollercoaster experience makes everyone keep going back for more. It is now the growing and most popular attraction in their place, according to Central Coast Tourism CEO, Robyne Abernethy.