Melbourne Australian Women Entrepreneurial Meet Up



There are ways for neighbours to get together, learn something, do something and share something. Find out how the women in Melbourne, Australia empower themselves.

Australia narrowed its trade deficit in 1564 as exports were steady and imports grew in June 2014. Although its Central Bank has yet to recover from the shock of selling Australia's gold reserves amounting to 167 tonnes in 1997, she remains strong as a Land Down Under economic power. You might not be aware of the world analysts' figure revelations and the facts of how well off she would have been had the gold been sold in the present day gold standard. Still, she remains one of the world's richest nations via her tonnes of gold reserves. However, there is a rise in Australian women entrepreneurs plotted in its economic trending.

Why entrepreneurship among women

Melbourne registers 11.7% disparity in earning capability of men over women. The data showing 55,000 annual income of fresh graduate males over 500 of their female counterpart reflects that there are pay gaps in every industry including the female dominated ones. Entrepreneurship empowers Australian women on income capabilities and serves as women’s social networking.

Basics of the entrepreneurship meet up Australia

The Melbourne Australian Women Entrepreneurial Meet Up serves as a networking among successful women in business encourages and helps women who are self-employed. They offer training to small-scale business owners and aims at reinforcing growth to self-employed and small business owners as well. Some of the specific problems addressed are in customer service, time management, enhancement of production. Women are also taught some practical and tested techniques on widening networking, narrowing gain fluctuations and keeping customers among others.

Sample meet up groups in Melbourne are We Vision, Australian Sustainability Meet UP, the Bee Hive, Big data Developers and Agile Melbourne. Meet up composition networks are among musicians, writers, artists, café entrepreneurs and stay at home mums. There are also women in social media, those female small business owners and other people interested to start up a business.