Pet Import Regulations in Australia



Pet transport to Australia requires inspections and compliance with rules of the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) before any animals are accepted for entry.

When bringing animals, it is best to find a pet relocation service to Australia which can offer advice and detailed guidelines to avoid inconvenience on the part of the expat pet owner. Pets to be imported should submit AQIS-required permits, including veterinary certificates once the Permit to Import is approved.

Relocating Pets

For pet shipments to Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, it is a must to book for a Quarantine Accommodation which costs a certain amount. Several vaccines against distemper and kennel cough, among others, are also necessary so it is best to check with a local veterinarian that is government-approved to save from high costs.

Specifically, guidelines for international pet relocation to Australia require quarantine for dogs (some breeds are not allowed), cats, horses and other canines. Other animals such as birds, hamsters, etc. are restricted from entering the country based on existing pet relocation regulations, but may be bred and raised in Australia provided they are bought within the country. Bringing of protected wildlife in Australia is also strictly prohibited while animals used for entertainment, or research may be allowed after meeting strict requirements which are based on the purpose for importation and the animals' country of origin. 

All regulation for relocating pets to Australia must be in place to avoid the risk of animal-related diseases for Australian residents. Authorities are strict in enforcing their several quarantine regulations which are doing well for the country. The country holds a record for having the fewest cases of animal-related diseases compared to other parts of the world.



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