Trending Jobs in Sydney



Australia has earned a reputation as a melting pot to engineers, contractors, dentist, miners, finance and dealers for years. However, work in these areas commands higher requirements in occupational health and safety. Maximising production via hourly pay speaks well if you are an anesthesiologist in Australia. This, however, won't matter if you are in the US or working among the European block countries where currency conversions command higher input. It makes some Australians in Sydney consider job prospects in different fields. There are new jobs trending in Sydney. 

Changing job trends

There is a switch in job trends from full-time to part-time workers as new jobs in Sydney require higher occupational risks and safety. About 40% of workers are now on short-term contracts and the rise of other contracts like working 35 hours a week. Companies are inclined to hire more and more part-time workers instead of employing full-time workers.

Sydney's top jobs per hour pay scale

To mention Sydney’s top jobs per hour pay scale are anesthesiologists earning $124.10, followed by internal medicine specialists with the rate of $88. Dermatologists, obstetricians, radiologists, oncologists, pathologists and the like earn a little lower than internal medicine specialists by less than $20 with $69.30 per hour. Dental practitioners and mining engineers earn $68.60 and $65.60 respectively.

There is overcrowding in the mining and construction industry that experience the traditional job supply fluctuations. The construction industry, in particular, can never be fueled as a major earner because of the need for legislation overhaul. Specifically, concerns are on the buying capabilities of expats who go for second time home buyers. Analysts see offshore buyers to new builds should boost construction jobs. They encourage legislation to impose a value tax on the new land purchases and be repaid for development costs by the Federal Government. This status makes Australians in Sydney seek for other jobs away from the mining and construction jobs. 

Up-and-coming jobs

Among the top emerging job in Sydney are the cyber security risks manager, digital marketing, human resources in charge, as well as those who focus on financial sector and life sciences and health care industry.