Visiting the Doctor in Australia



Doctors in Australia are some of the best by global standards as what might be expected of practitioners in one of the richest countries in the world.

Australia offers its population of 23,833,174 people an advanced healthcare system, with well-trained medical professionals. All this serves to ensure the country’s expat population of 4,711,490 people that the accessibility of medical help is the least of their concern in the country.

Medical care

Expats who are relocating to Australia will naturally want to be aware of the healthcare options available. A basic consideration when choosing a doctor is whether or not the practitioner is registered with Medicare. When coming as a Medicare patient, it is good to check if the doctor charges the Medicare schedule fee as some doctors charge a higher amount. When coming as a private patient on international health insurance in Australia, the insurer usually pays the full fee unless the company is not recognised by the doctor.

Appointments and emergency assistance

Making appointments one to two days in advance before coming to a clinic is a common practice. For emergency cases, a doctor may see a patient but, at least, a phone call has to be made. When the doctor is unavailable for an emergency, the patient will normally be referred to an emergency unit of the nearest hospital in Australia. Some Australian doctors may be available for house calls, but the cost can be very high for patients not under Medicare. Otherwise, a routine general practitioner visit would cost about AUD 20-25.

In Australia, there is a majority of women doctors, especially in the suburbs where group practice is very common. In the cities, however, there are proportionate mixes of male and female doctors who provide all excellent medical care to all who need it in Australia.