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Canberra has a population of 418,856 people and an employment rate of 82% -figures which are enough to convince everyone that finding a job is rather more of a pleasure than a challenge.

General Outlook

Canberra is a growing attraction for expatriates around the world. When expats choose a city in which to settle, jobs are always a top concern. Canberra provides ample opportunities for every qualified individual, with major job industries being in public administration and safety, the professional, scientific and technical services along with the healthcare and social assistance services. Having a population of 418,856 people and an employment rate of 82%, it’s easy to see why expatriates from all over the world choose to make Canberra their new home.

Work Visa and Other Requirements

Visa requirements for Canberra depend on the type of visa being applied for. There are various classifications that expat hopefuls can review to assess which one is most suitable, such as the working Holiday visa which is the most common work visa for people who come to Canberra for an extended stay (only residents of certain countries are eligible), the Work and Holiday Visa which is solely for people who have graduated from the university and those who come from countries with which Australia has no existing Working Holiday visa agreement, and the Professional visas for which applicants need actual employers promising to give them jobs. Generally, working visas are available and interested expats will need to comply with various requirements in order to obtain them. Expats may want to acquire professional immigration services to help them with the various requirements needed to obtain a visa, whichinclude passing a certain score or band in the language exam, IELTS and having one's skills and training proven through certificates that should be recognized by the AAA. 

Business Etiquette

It is normal to behave casually in Australia as the residents are known to be calm and laid back, but that does not mean this is how it should always be when in the office. In the workplace, Australians have very high expectations of professionalism from their co-workers. During business meetings, professional attire is always required - dark suits for the men and formal skirts and blouses for the women. Maintaining eye-to-eye contact is important to business etiquette for the Canberra natives along with first-meeting customs such as shaking of hands between male acquaintances and cheek-to-cheek greetings for the females. Unless one is an Australian native, it is considered improper and even rude to talk with an Australian accent. 

Working Hours

As with any city in Australia, working hours in Canberra depend on various factors such as the employer, the position sought and others. While before, everybody worked 38 hours a week, these days, the number has been down to 37. There are certain sectors that typically work longer than usual, sometimes up to 48 hours a week. Everyone is, of course, allowed an hour long lunch break. Offices and shops open at 8:30am at the earliest and close at 5:30 at the latest.   


Workers in Canberra will find that the average salary earned is 7,900 AUD, making Canberra is home to the highest paid professionals in the whole of Australia. About 39% of the local population in Canberra are expats. Thus, when it comes to job opportunities, expats are sure to find Canberra an ideal place in which to begin a new life with a good job that won't be that hard to find.


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