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Melbourne is Australia's second most populous city and also its second global hub for business and commerce (after Sydney). As such, there are several opportunities for work in the city for expats to explore.

One factor that attracts numerous expatriates to Melbourne is its lively economy, teeming with opportunities for both work and pleasure. Also in 2015, second most reputable city (out of 100) in terms of economic stability, technology, transport and communications. A popular cosmopolitan expat destination in Australia, Melbourne has a population of 4,353,514 people with an expat population of 48%. Most of the working population of Melbourne is concentrated in the city centre or CBD (Central Business District) with about 93% commuting from nearby towns and municipalities.

Promising Job Opportunities

Melbourne's workforce is generally young and predominantly male, with most employees ranging from 25 to 34 years old. Major job industries in Melbourne include professionals, clerical and administrative workers as well as technicians and trade workers. This city is a top financial hub in the Asia-Pacific Region so there are plenty of jobs for expats who have experience in finance as well as in banking.

"I’m currently in the process of obtaining a de facto visa and it’s been a long and complicated process. I always recommend using a migrant agent." - Cosette Paneque, Expat in Melbourne

Rural areas in Melbourne and its surrounding small towns have high demand for skilled workers. Some of the biggest employers in this city are the manufacturing, technical and scientific related fields. Expats will also find employment in construction, telecommunications and food industry sectors. Those who have background in teaching also have high chances of landing a job particularly in the secondary and tertiary education. Other opportunities are in the fields of:

  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Maritime
  • Hydropower
  • Tunnel and dam design
  • Logistics
  • Tourism
  • Agriculture

Average Salary and Working Hours

An average salary of 6,780 AUD is usually earned in Melbourne. About 50% of the city's workforce earns about 1000 USD per week, with about 30% earning no less than 600 USD. The employment rate in Melbourne is 64%. Expats moving to Melbourne will need to open a bank account to receive their salary.

"Visas are quite complicated in Australia. I obtained both my Working Holiday Visa and 457 Sponsorship quite easily however I’ve heard about others not being so lucky. I’ve found sponsorship to be very restricting with jobs (moving jobs, changing careers) due to costs and lack of residency rights."- Katie Milne, Expat in Melbourne, Australia

Work conditions in this city and across Australia are regulated by contracts, workplace agreements and federal legislation. Generally speaking, the average Australian work week is 36 hours from Mondays to Fridays, but this can still vary depending on the employee’s occupation and industry. The typical daily working hours start from 7 am to 3:30 pm but there a majority of offices where employees work from 9 am until 5 pm.

Melbourne’s Business Culture

There is a little distinction in the Australian company hierarchy, as their culture is that of Egalitarianism. It is an environment where modesty, parity, and mutual respect are preferred. Your Australian colleagues may also initiate small talk and call you by your first name; this is their way of reaching out to a newcomer. Do respect their personal space, though, as Australians put a high value on their privacy. Lateness is not appreciated in the Australian workplace; this is regarded as a sign of unreliability and carelessness. You are also expected to dress smartly and conservatively in the workplace. Be confident but not over-zealous or arrogant as self-importance is something that your Australian colleagues would not welcome.

They say one should expatriate to a place where the ‘grass is greener'. Well, Melbourne Australia not only offers ‘greener pastures' but an expat life in an array of vibrant and exciting colours as well.


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