Expat Insurance Services in Australia

The three broad categories of the insurance market found in Australia are Life Insurance, Health Insurance and General Insurance. General Insurance is further considered to include the subcategories of Liability and Property Insurance. Car insurance is included within Property insurance. Within this elaborate structure, most Australian insurance companies focus on providing products in one of these three categories, although lately some of them have begun branching out into other areas.


Most life insurance companies in Australia since the 1990s have been owned by the banks, the rest now belong to financial service organizations that also offer pension investments. Some Liability insurance is required by law, which means anyone working in Australia gets automatic Workman’s Compensation insurance for lost work due to injury or illness. Australian Medicare provides permanent residents with free health care at public hospitals, and even pays three fourths of private care, leaving the rest to private health insurers.


However, temporary residents do need private health insurance. There are also less traditional insurance products available to Australians through online websites, such as the Bow Wow Meow Pet Health Insurance company, which is available to protect a beloved dog or cat’s health for less than four Australian dollars a week.

Health Insurance in Australia

Although Australia ensures basic healthcare for all, it is still advisable for expats to get a private health insurance plan. This ensures quick medical response and quality treatment. Apply for a plan online.

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Business Health Insurance in Australia

We have a list of group insurance products for employers that operate in Australia. Recruit the best candidates and retain top-level staff through superior health insurance plans. Apply online now.

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Life Insurance in Australia

A life insurance coverage provides expats confidence and peace of mind during life’s uncertainties. Search for the best plan while living in Australia. Browse our selection of insurance providers today.

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Car Insurance in Australia

If you are buying a car in Australia, remember to purchase a car insurance plan. Learn about country-to-country coverage, worldwide excess liability and more. Speak with an insurance adviser today!

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Property Insurance in Australia

It is highly recommended for expats moving to Australia to purchase a property insurance plan. This type of insurance protects personal belongings during and after the relocation process. Call an insurance specialist today!

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Home Insurance in Australia

When choosing a home insurance policy, get one that offers a high public liability cover. Expats in Australia may compare insurance providers, policies and add-on features. Check out our updated resources today.

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Single Trip Travel Insurance in Australia

From trekking sites to museums, Australia has so much to offer. Speak with an expert about available single-trip travel insurance options. These coverage may be valid for a few days to two years.

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Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Australia

Regular visitors in Australia may consider purchasing a multi-trip travel insurance. This medical protection is designed for those travelling abroad more than once a year. Ask for free quotes today!

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