Business Health Insurance in Australia

Expatriates who are on corporate health insurance In Australia are more medically secure than those who migrate without any form of health coverage. Migrant workers who have been in this country are eligible to apply for Medicare, which is the government’s health care system funded by 1.5% of taxpayers’ income with considerable support from the private sector. Before taking a job assignment in this country, it is important to ensure that corporate health insurance In Australia is part of the offered employment package to ensure health security abroad. A very basic consideration for all relocating expatriate employee to make is Keyword. More than anything, health is always of paramount importance. Nothing can come before it and that is why Keyword deserves a fair amount of your time and good judgment. Of course, with expert advice, you will increase your chances to get the best value for money solution for your company.

Cigna Business Health Insurance offers coverage for all types of business in Australia. Find out more about funding options, extra services, and health and wellbeing programs through Cigna's solutions!

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Australia has a lot to offer foreign entrepreneurs. It has a stable economy, a mature financial system and an environment conducive for start-ups. Many companies choose the International Medical Group (IMG) as the corporate health insurance provider for their expat workers. IMG’s Global Employer’s Option provides life, dental and daily health insurance coverage at flexible payment plans. For a quote, visit

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