Expat Finance Services in Australia

The currency in Australia since 1963 is the Australian dollar, originally intended to be known as the Royal. The dollar comes in 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 dollar bills, 1 dollar coins have been used in place of the dollar note since 1984, and 2 dollar coins replaced the 2 dollar bill in 1988. The name Royal only lasted for 3 months in 1963, when it was announced that it would replace the Pound as the nation’s currency.


Due to widespread opposition the name Royal was quickly dropped and the new currency was named the Dollar. It is the fifth most popular currency with investors in the world. The big four banks in Australia are WBC aka Westpac, ANZ, Commonwealth Bank of Australia (Government owned) and National Australia bank.


Foreigners who have just arrived in Australia can open bank accounts during the first six weeks of their stay with just a passport. A debit card, or EFTPOS card as it is known in Australia, is available with the account. It is also easy in Australia to get a cash card (ATM card) that allows one to withdraw up to 500 Australian dollars per day. Mastercard, Visa and Bankcard (Australia’s own credit card) are the most widely accepted credit cards, and others such as American Express are also commonly accepted.

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Currency Exchange in Australia

Planning on an international money transfer or purchase from Australia? Take advantage of the best exchange rates in the market by checking out foreign exchange firms and making comparisons.

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Current Account in Australia

Your banking needs as an expat are nowhere near common, so you need to open an Australian current account that is specially designed to meet them. Review your options now!

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Offshore Savings in Australia

If you're not getting the best from your savings account in Australia, maybe you've got the wrong one. Only an offshore savings account works for an expat. Find options and compare now!

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Expat Mortgages in Australia

Overseas mortgage firms in Australia are growing in number. Inquire now and compare quotes and offshore mortgage advisers for free now!

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Financial Advice in Australia

Explore ways to grow your investment portfolio and accomplish your goals for investing as an expat in Australia. Secure a risk profile assessment by a financial pro!

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Expat Savings in Australia

Australia is one of the best places around the world for expats. Check out our menu of top-notch savings, retirement and educational plan solutions available in the Land Down Under.

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QROPS in Australia

Many global companies assist UK expats arrange pension transfers to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme. There are various QROPS solutions in Australia with unique features. Speak with a QROPS expert for assistance.

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Online Broker in Australia

For currency trading, online share trading and others, speak with a reputable online broker. We have a list of brokers, their services, rates and charges. Invest in capital markets while living in Australia.

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US Expat Tax in Australia

US tax laws require all Americans to pay taxes on their income earned anywhere in the world. Americans in Australia may seek expert advice for tax returns filing. Call an expert today!

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Tax Advisory in Australia

Under Australia’s tax rules, all permanent residents earning more than AU$18,200 worldwide income must file tax returns. Seek assistance on tax returns, computations and tax planning from trusted experts. Make a free enquiry today!

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