Tax Advisory in Australia

Expat Tax in Australia can be confusing for expatriates who are new to the system. It would be wise to seek out an experienced tax advisor to learn the ropes before working alone. In addition, they can provide you with information on valuable tax opportunities depending on your level of income.

Some expats believe they need to pay taxes to both their home countries and their new countries of residence. However, this doesn’t always apply because of tax treaties among different nations. In Australia, UK expert Andrew Baker banks on his 35-year experience in the tax services industry to shed light on this confusion and make expats more informed.

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Many expats choose Australia for its stable economy, secure environment and high quality of life. For a smooth life in the Land Down Under, Tax Advisory Expatriates provides guidance on tax and related legal matters. All permanent residents in Australia, including expats, are mandated file tax returns on all income derived in and out of the country above the minimum AU$18,2000 threshold.

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