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Those moving to Australia first need to obtain a visa unless they are from New Zealand, New Zealanders may live in Australia as long as they wish without a visa. Visas are issued in four types, Visitor, Student, Temporary Residence, and Migration. Most of these carry fees, and some take a very long time to process with many application forms, and a wait for approval. However, family members can all be included on the same application. The Migrant Visa is for those travelling to Australia for permanent residence. Visitor Visas are an exception to the lengthy process and are often granted at the consulate in person.


Having a valid visa at all times while in Australia is absolutely necessary, as failure is a criminal offence that could carry jail time or deportation. If one wishes to change one’s visa type, for example from Visitor to Student Visa, one must leave the country and apply from outside at a consulate. Temporary Residence Visas, for stays of up to four years, may require medical examinations with chest x-rays.


Migrating to Australia under the Migration Visa is quite difficult, and is generally only open to three broad categories of applicants: Relatives and families of Australian citizens, Skilled migrants possessing demanded talents, with shortages present in various states, and Special eligibility for returning former citizens and New Zealanders.

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