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There are loads of services and benefits that make your life better and easier you might be missing out on just because you lack information on what different types of insurance can do for you while living abroad. It is important to start by asking the right questions when it comes to assessing your benefits package.

If you are relocating with your current employer, talk to your human resource manager or global mobility team to understand the local requirement and what are the benefits package you are offered.

Even if it comes as a private comprehensive add-on to your corporate group plan, private insurance plans offer more than just security or peace of mind. Let us inform you on what you can get and how insurance can help you live your expat life to the fullest in Austria and don’t forget to review our global insurance guide as well.

Getting Insurance

As a member of the EU and as one of the most prominent economies in Europe, the insurance industry in Austria is quite large. And also as a member of the EU, healthcare is universal for locals and EU residents in Austria.

There are several international insurance providers, brokers, and agents available in this country. For general insurance, there are local insurance brokers such as Donau Vienna Insurance Group, which can help you out with all the basic general insurance you might need while you’re living in Austria. Singing up for local or international insurance in the country is easy as services in Austria are efficient. You can simply ask for a quote online, send an email, visit or call their offices. Coverage for insurance in Austria usually includes coverage for the rest of the EU, but always double check this information especially when it comes to car, life, and medical insurance.

"The cost of health care is extremely affordable. The most intimidating thing can be the language barrier, however, this is generally not an issue."- Bridget Davis, Expat Innsbruck, Austria

Importance of Insurance

The importance of insurance in places like Austria are easily ignored more than others, because their public social services are quite efficient, but nevertheless, there are some services that you will need that cannot be provided by public services. Several international health insurance providers offer plans that extend beyond public healthcare services such as repatriation and emergency evacuation. Most international private medical insurance policies also include fitness consultations, check-ups, and some can even make your medical record fully accessible no matter where you are in the world.

Other types of insurance such as life insurance and auto insurance offer other kinds of services such as investments and retirement plans for life insurances, and road service memberships for auto insurances.

Remember also to ask yourself about portability of the plans. What will happen if you change jobs or move to another country?

There are many things that most people don’t know about insurance causing them to lose a lot of money when it comes to emergencies or even for getting basic services that would’ve come for free in your home country. Don’t run under assumptions; learn more about things that can help you save time, effort and money before you move to Austria.

Local Insurance in Austria

Local residents of Austria as well as other EU residents have access to health and social services and are given a European Health Insurance Card and it is accessible to almost all medical health facilities in the country. Aside from health insurance, Austria also has a very good social service, but even with all their efficient public health and social service systems, locals and expats prefer to get private insurance in the country.

There are several options for local private insurance in Austria. There are Austrian companies with a growing European presence that can be good for European expats. These Insurance companies can provide general insurance coverage for Austria as well as the rest of Europe, even some European countries that are not members of the EU. Examples of an Austrian insurance company with a European presence are Uniqa Insurance Group and Vienna Insurance Group.

As for expats in general, it’s always best to get international insurance with a wider set of coverage while you’re living abroad. International insurance policies offer more services as well as customised services that are more tailored to the expat lifestyle. International insurance policies can help you live your life as an expat in Austria with more services and assistance that local insurance just can’t provide.



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